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Music of the Spheres SOPRANO Chime

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Music of the Spheres Wind Chime - Soprano Chime

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 The Soprano wind chime is our smallest chime, its sound is delicate yet brilliant. A musical palindrome, the Quartal scale is based on intervals of fourths and fifths. Its smooth and serene sound captivated American composers, notably Aaron Copland and Paul Hindemith, in the early twentieth century. The Contra Bass and Basso Profundo chime uses the Quartal scale but moves the B and D an octave higher and is called an Expanded Quartal. This chime is perfect for apartment dwellers or small patios. Soprano chimes measure 30 inch tall from the top of knot to the base of the windcatcher.

These enchanting wind chimes blend old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology - harmonizing art and science to uplift the spirit and delight the senses. Music of the Spheres® Windchimes with its matte black, powder coated aluminum-alloy tubing will never rust and will always look elegant. These wind chimes make great gifts and are an artistic addition to any garden. They are modern, functional, and simplistic in design. Group several wind chime sizes and tunings together to create your own Music of the Spheres® wind chime symphony.

Overall Length: 30"
Longest tube: 15"
Tube Diameter (O.D.): 7/8"
Weight: 2 lbs.
Manufacturer's Warranty: 7 years