Sangre Home Decor is your source for all things Mara - mugs, butter dishes and dinnerware, Music of the Spheres wind chimes and links to our sister sites for our recycled poly furniture. Unique mesquite lamps and copper lamp shades and wall sconces.

Mara Mugs

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Mesquite Lamp with Turquoise Inlay and Copper Lamp Shade

Our lamp bases are free formed "Velvet" Mesquite harvested from the Sonora Desert, which is some of the most diverse and dense wood found anywhere on earth. Each piece is handcrafted when ordered making it a one of a kind family heirloom. Turquoise is inlaid in the naturally developed cracks of the wood. Nature's finest elements are brought together in a brilliant display of craftsmanship and artistry.

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Wind Chimes Handcrafted, one at at time...

Our wind chimes come in 5 sizes (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) and are precision tuned in 11 tunings (Pentatonic, Hawaiian, Quartal, Balinese, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Whole Tone, Aquarian, Gypsy and Nashville) and the Westminster, Contrabass and Basso Profundo are offered in one unique size and tuning.

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Poly Outdoor Furniture

We offer many different styles of Recycled Poly Outdoor Furniture - visit our sister-sites to choose from Breezesta, Casual Comfort, LuxCraft or Polywood. Limited Lifetime Warranty - No Maintenance

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