Music of the Spheres TENOR Chime- MOTS-Tenor

Music of the Spheres TENOR Chime- MOTS-Tenor

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Music of the Spheres Wind Chime - Tenor Chime
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The Tenor wind chime has a rich, full sound and resonant sustain. Tenor chimes are 60" in overall length. This is one of the most popular sizes of the Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes Collection. Measuring around 5 feet tall, this is a big chime and has a warm, rich tone. An original Larry Roark composition, the Aquarian scale mirrors the tranquil charm of an Alpine lake or stream. Its refreshing tones mix beautifully in different sizes and also blend with the Mongolian. This chime measures 60" in overall length (from the top of the knot to the bottom of the wind catcher). If you have a limited budget or space, but still want a deeper sounding wind chime, this one has the warm deep sounds you'll love.

These enchanting wind chimes blend old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology - harmonizing art and science to uplift the spirit and delight the senses. Music of the Spheres® Wind chimes with its matte black, powder coated aluminum-alloy tubing will never rust and will always look elegant. These wind chimes make great gifts and are an artistic addition to any garden. They are modern, functional, and simplistic in design. Group several wind chime sizes and tunings together to create your own Music of the Spheres® wind chime symphony.

Alto Chime
Manufacturer's Warranty: 7 years
Overall Length: 38"
Longest tube: 21"
Tube Diameter (O.D.): 1 3/16"
Weight: 5 lbs.

These wind chimes are hand crafted in Austin, TX, USA from the finest materials, and they are hand tuned for concert quality sound. Music of the Spheres wind chimes offer a time-proven durability and sustained tonal quality. They are simply the best you can buy!